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On the other side of the spectrum from physical health, is soul health which embodies a woman’s psyche, heart and spirit, especially in the experiences of violence, trauma, and mental health challenges. Healing of the soul occurs through the promotion of resiliency, education, community resources, behavioral health services and traditional support.

In cases of Native women with mental health challenges like depression and/or anxiety, the intensity of a woman’s soul wound can interfere with and determine her ability to be health literate and/or health engaged. Reducing mental burden in the healthcare setting involves communicating better, simplifying patient roles by changing workflows and processes to accommodate women with soul wounds, and having a proactive learning health care system that works to understand the needs of the women better.  Addressing cognitive burden alone will not fix all existing health literacy concerns.


Without tools to identify the most vulnerable patients, including those who may be feel stigmatized, a health care system is likely to be less inviting than it could be to those individuals.  Health systems need to appreciate that a one-size fits all solution will not meet the needs of everyone. What works for some women may not necessarily work for all. Research has shown that the greatest successes in improving behavior, clinical outcomes and health literacy have come from interactive, multifaceted problem-solving-based interventions for self-management.

The following are links to authoritative agencies that offer more information on trauma, mental health challenges and opportunities for healing.

Postpartum Support International


PSI Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental Health America (MHA), Native and Indigenous Communities And Mental Health

Healing Services

kelly lubeck

Kelly Lubeck
Healing, Wellness and Coaching

Weaving the Healing Kelly Lubeck, MPH, RYT, CHHC


I’m Kelly Lubeck, mama, coach, consultant, healing practitioner, teacher, facilitator, yogini and changemaker.

I offer my coaching, healing, teaching and speaking as an invitation to individuals and groups to step in and experience healing from the inside out, to access their inner wisdom, choose health, and live with wellness, authenticity & courage.  

I partner with my clients and program participants to help them see what is possible for their health, lives, relationships and organizations, and I hold open that vision for them to step into while I guide them on a journey to transformation.


I’ve designed my healing practice and programs to offer a blend modalities that includes energy medicine, yoga, nervous system healing and holistic health coaching, to support healing at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and generational levels.

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Equine Healing

donkeys of the heart

Donkeys make the difference


We provide therapeutic opportunities using donkeys, to children and adults with cognitive, and behavioral challenges, including the at-risk community, and military populations.


Equine Assisted Learning


EAL, is a form of human-equine interaction that provides a personal learning experience.
EAL promotes the development of self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence, problem solving skills, emotional regulation, and self-control.  While an EAL experience is educational and beneficial
to one’s wellness, it is not considered therapy.

Please note that the EAL program is strictly a groundwork (no riding) program.

Mental Wellness

TRSA Mental Health Services Flyer March 2022 FB  (2)
We cannot uncouple substance use and mental health. They are interconnected
jordanna saunders

Jordanna L. Saunders

Board & EMDR Certified Therapist, CEAP; EMDR Consultant-in-training

TRSA Mental Health Services Flyer March 2022 FB  (Flyer (5.5 × 8.5 in))
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