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To empower those who identify as Indigenous and other women of color to reach for their highest potential of maternal and women’s health and break the barriers of health and healthcare inequity.


Our mission is to enhance maternal health equity for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color by reforming higher education to combat clinician bias and forge reliable health partnerships. We aim to eradicate discrimination and violence against Indigenous and other women of color, during and extending beyond the perinatal period. Furthermore, by promoting personal and cultural empowerment, we support truth and reconciliation efforts, guiding women, their ancestors, and descendants toward lasting health and well-being.


Knowledge is power, the power for all women to have personal sovereignty in the right to learn about their health, to make informed decisions in healthcare, and to end health disparities, once and for all.

Our mission emerged in the wake of a critical loss—a key healthcare system serving American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) women in urban Arizona was abruptly shut down in late 2020. This system was a cornerstone in a network of healthcare agencies, providing culturally sensitive women's health and maternity services to Indigenous women across local and regional Tribal communities. Its sudden closure, without prior notice or guidance for transitioning care, inflicted trauma and disarray among these women. Left without options or direction, they experienced a stark deprivation of their rights to informed participation and advocacy in their healthcare decisions, highlighting the persisting shadow of colonialism and the risk of enduring health inequalities.

In response, Body and Soul Sovereignty United (Bass United) commits to bridging this gap by creating a comprehensive platform for knowledge, resources, and advocacy. Our initiatives are twofold: First, we aim to empower women with critical information about their bodies during the childbearing years, supporting their reproductive rights and choices, guiding them through women's health issues, and ensuring comfort and well-being through menopause into elderhood. Second, we recognize the profound interconnection between mind and body—Bass United is dedicated to nurturing the soul, focusing on the psychological and emotional well-being of women. Through education, community resources, and culturally sensitive mental health services targeting mood and anxiety disorders, we address the critical impact of mental health on physical well-being, life trajectories, and the legacy we leave for future generations. Our mission is to heal, empower, and advocate for the sovereignty of body and soul, ensuring a future where every woman's health is valued and preserved.

This is their dominion - their right to self-advocacy

and the governance of body and soul.

We are fortunate for the gifts that Indigenous and all BIPOC women bring forth to the global community and the essence of their being on both the evolution of our nations and on humanity overall.  

The Universe is aware and reciprocates,

The mission will start with us, Body and Soul Sovereignty United.



Body and Soul Sovereignty, United

We Support Self-Advocacy in the Health of Indigenous Women

Phone: (833) 842-5577

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