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To empower those who identify as Indigenous and other BIPOC women to reach for their highest potential of maternal and women’s health and break the barriers of health and healthcare inequity.


To provide those who identify as Indigenous and other BIPOC women with access to all-inclusive, evidence-based maternal and women’s health knowledge while being supported by more effective woman – provider partnerships in health.


Knowledge is power, the power for all women to have personal sovereignty in the right to learn about their health, to make informed decisions in healthcare and to end health disparities, once and for all.

Our mission was developed in response to the sudden loss of a significant healthcare system serving American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) women in urban Arizona affecting local and regional Tribal communities.  It was the main organizational hub in a system of healthcare agencies that provided culturally-sensitive women's health and maternity services to Indigenous women.  It was suddenly closed toward the latter part of 2020, without timely notice and without adequate direction for the women.  The experience has been traumatizing for the women.  They were not given choices nor guidance on how to proceed in seeking equitable care.  The experience deprived them of their right to be part of the equation and to act as advocates in the decisions needed for their own healthcare.  This is a prime example that colonialism is alive and well, continuing the potential for ongoing inequalities in the future of their health.

In the aftermath, the members of Body and Soul Sovereignty United (Aka Bass United) now strive to provide an alternative forum of knowledge, resources and advocacy by first, enlightening women on the body during the childbearing years, to support their reproductive rights and choices, to provide direction regarding women’s health issues, to offer comfort and well-being during the menopausal years and to serve the health needs of Elder women.  Secondly, Bass United aims to nurture the healing of the soul which embodies both a woman’s psyche and heart through education, community resources and culturally-sensitive mental health services focusing on mood and anxiety disorders.  The evidence has confirmed the negative effects of untreated or inadequately managed mental health issues on the impact of one’s physical health, on one’s life course and on the course of future generations. 

This is their dominion - their right to self-advocacy

and the governance of body and soul.

We are fortunate for the gifts that Indigenous and all BIPOC women bring forth to the global community and the essence of their being on both the evolution of our nations and on humanity overall.  

The Universe is aware and reciprocates,

The mission will start with us, Body and Soul Sovereignty United.



Body and Soul Sovereignty, United

We Support Self-Advocacy in the Health of Indigenous Women

Phone: (833) 842-5577

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