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Body and Soul Sovereignty United

We Support Self-Advocacy in the Health of Indigenous Women

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Our mission was developed in response to the sudden loss of a significant healthcare system serving American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) women in urban Arizona affecting local and regional Tribal communities.  It was the main organizational hub in a system of healthcare agencies that provided culturally-sensitive women's health and maternity services to Native women.  It was suddenly closed toward the latter part of 2020, without timely notice and without adequate direction for the women.  


Self-Determination begins in the womb – it is a call for women to exercise, “Sovereignty over their own bodies.”
~ Rauna Kuokkanen


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songs and stories from Powerful Women

At Body and Soul Sovereignty United we have been blessed with the opportunity to help and assist women and their families reach their dreams and goals for the future.  Here are a few we are proud to share...

Indigenae Podcasts

Indigence Podcast

Indigenae is a community-guided podcast that is dedicated to Indigenous wxmen’s health and wellbeing. Join hosts Sarah Stern (Cherokee), Olivia Trujillo (Navajo) and Dr. Sophie Neuner (Karuk) as they interview a new guest each week and take listeners on a journey through Indigenous womanhood, exploring topics from Coming of Age to Becoming an Elder.

The podcast highlights conversations with traditional practitioners, Indigenous health care workers, activists, researchers, artists, and survivors. “Indigenae is really about telling stories,” says Sarah Stern, Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, “and for Indigenous peoples, storytelling is a traditional way of learning how to live well”. 

All episodes were guided by an advisory board of Elders, mothers, and daughters, who came together from Tribal nations across Turtle Island, also known as North America, to define topics, guests, and discussions. “This powerful group of women, who gifted their time to Indigenae, were in the driver’s seat”, explains Olivia Trujillo, Member of the Navajo Nation.

“Guest speakers share so many important lessons”, says Dr. Sophie Neuner, Member of the Karuk Tribe. “Their laughter, stories, and teachings are medicine.” 

New episodes are released on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and other podcasting platforms every Tuesday at 4 AM ET.

Suggested Podcasts

New for 2024!  MamAmor Dolls

MamAmor Dolls creates handmade educational dolls and models for Childbirth and Lactation Education.


Body and Soul Sovereignty United

We Support Self-Advocacy in the Health of Indigenous Women

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